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Believe that many of you found more or less errors after buying mechanical watches. Is it possible that mechanical errors can be reduced to zero? And how to adjust them?

To a large extent, the degree of frequency stability pendulum produced to be guaranteed determines the accuracy of mechanical watches. While you are using the watches, the movement inside and outside will be affected by many factors, which may result in balance harmonical errors. And fine-tuning can only make the error relatively reduced, but not completely ruled out. It's not needed to do frequent tune for mechanical watch. Anyway adjusted once after all just fine-tuned. Then how to choose a relatively accurate mechanical watch to avoid errors? In today's technology, mechanical error exists now, there's no way to be completely accurate. The reason is that the mechanical replica watch mainspring is hurting itself in order to provide the operation for the movement of energy. For mechanical and physical properties of the watch, they use conditions, the movement of countless tiny gears, clockwork, mutual friction pendulum motion, coupled with the daily work and life balance shock, perspiration, water, magnetic fields, etc. , Unless your watch complete precision manufacturing and heated in a sealed vacuum space without vibration mounts, otherwise errors will never disappear.

What's the normal error range of mechanical watches? Mechanical replica watches have differences +/- 30 seconds per day can be called "accurate", according to the C. O. S. C. mechanical -4 / + 6 seconds per day the difference would have been able to be called "accurate" and received certification issued by the Observatory; tighter Geneva Seal , also allows the watch has a -3 / + 2 seconds of tolerance every day. It will be acceptable as long as the error is within a reasonable range, and can be predicted and corrected. It will be a fault if mechanical error beyond the reasonable limits. Errors are in many ways, such as the consumer environment wear. Different wearing habits may result in different errors. Regular maintenance of your watch is important, when encountering problems, you need to go to a professional repair station. Can the error go to zero after the adjustment of mechanical? Accuracy of a mechanical replica watch travel time depends mainly on the balance vibration degree of stability frequency, since the watch during use will be affected by many internal and external factors, resulting in watches generate timekeeping errors. The only thing you can do is to do careful adjustment to make the errors relatively narrow. You can not completely eliminate errors.

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