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This blog presents what I feel to be the perfect all-purpose men's' timepiece the Replica rolex Datejust II with a smooth bezel and stick dial. You could choose the silver, black or blue dial it doesn't matter. These are really the best timepieces I can think of for any situation.

I have had this timepiece for a year or two now and I really like it. Rolex has grown on me as a brand, especially with their releases in the last couple of years. I'm not going to go into a full review of the watch, since there are so many competent reviews out there already, but I will post about my impressions. Unfortunately I only took three photos of the watch before I put it into safety deposit so I can't take any more until I grab it out again!

Recently, I traveled to California for a wedding. Since I was the best man, i know i will be wearing a tuxedo, shorts, jeans and dress shirts, all on the same trip. I would be swimming, karting, playing laser tag and other bachelor party activities. While somewhat nervous about travelingwith a top piece, I chose the Rolex because it would be my best piece for a tuxedo. Some watches tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design.As well, the Datejust II has some good shock absorption features in its movement, which gave me confidence in using it during some activities.Props to Rolex for making such a beautiful ceramic bezel. Of course the typical authenticity security features such as the etched crown in the sapphire crystal, wording around the chapter ring and serial located in the chapter ring all exist on this model. There was not a single moment where the Rolex did not feel absolutely ideal for the occasion.

As for the movement, what more do you really want for an every-day piece?

I have accidentally quick-set the date when I should not have because of the imprecise feel of the crown. It is actually quite shocking that Rolex would allow such mechanisms to leave the factory. From my point of view, the DJ2 is really an entry to the real world of luxury timepieces. You could arrive at any function with a DJ2 and not feel outclassed, even if other guys come wearing more expensive watches. Consequently, it took a long time at the store to adjust my wife's bracelet and I still find it too loose on her.

And if you're looking for one piece to wear all the time AND keep for many years, look no further. In fact, the sensational beauty and presence of the Rolex on my wife's wrist prompted me to acquire my very own Replica rolex watches. Although the Lady Rolex is quite a dressy piece, it looks superb with a t-shirt and jeans or any other casual clothes. So you see, a Rolex DJ2 is a versatile, all-purpose piece that can be maintained for a lifetime.

This exceptional timepiece is an extremely rare, center seconds stainless steel Datejust II chronometer wristwatch with Double-Red logo, helium escape valve, date and stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet.

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