As a traditional, conservative brand in watch industry, Rolex surprisingly started to release their ads on YouTube. Not only a single ad was put out, a segment of advertising budget for online marketing and promotion, mainly at YouTube, were established. It is known that replica Rolex is very finicky and strict about their marketing budget. What's more, the brand image and core value is positioned in a highly important level of fake Rolex, which seems to be a little bit too fanatically protective. Thus, since the release of Rolex watch video in YouTube, it caused wide discussion.

Google, which own YouTube, has implemented a series of ad formats on the tremendously popular online sites. Mostly, Advertising on YouTube is contextual and automated. This means that advertisements are matched to videos that are contextually or demographically related to the advertisement. YouTube, of course, is an innumerable wealth of content and most likely billions of every day video views that can host advertisements. However, YouTube has their own rules and regulations as well. Not advertisement with any types of content can be posted on its websites. Netizens who upload videos to the service must be invited to be part of YouTube's partner network before any content can be ad supported. This helps make sure that videos which may appear after or near ads meet certain legal and quality standards.

YouTube advertisers promote almost everything from pet food to video games, and everything in between. Though luxury brands are all reluctant to work with the video sharing site because of the way of advertisements are placed. This is mostly due to how luxury brands tend to choose the location of ads. As I claimed above, on YouTube ads are placed contextually and mechanically, which means that while there are plenty of filtering options to choose from, an advertiser can only choose the category of video their ads will appear with, not the exact videos themselves. The system is very similar to Google Adwords, which operates in a similar manner but with text and banner ads on websites. Although YouTube's advertising program more than likely only involves videos hosted on YouTube's website, there is more than one type of showing. Pre and post roll video ads are all included (before or after the videos people are trying to view), graphical banner ads which sit next to video player boxes as well.

my own YouTube rolex, is a YouTube partner and has well over 300 videos most all related to timepieces. I was recently watching one of my own recent videos and was extremely surprised (and of course happy) to see a Rolex pre-roll ad with an adjacent supporting banner ad. I was really surprised about the manner of description since I know well about Rolex and its extremely conservative regulations for marketing. There was a full-length commercial celebrating Rolex's relationship with Wimbledon. I actually saw the same video recently uploaded to Rolex's own official YouTube rolex that was formed a few months ago (also to my surprise).

Why is all this important? First of all, it heralds YouTube as being a serious destination for luxury advertisers - many of whom are extremely reluctant, if not hating, or at least unfamiliar with online advertising. With Rolex participating as a YouTube advertiser, there is no doubt that it is a signal to other high-end fake watch brands that doing so is an appropriate or perhaps wise idea. The wrist watch industry to a large degree has a "follow the leader" type of culture. Next, it acts as supporting measure to further legitimize the internet as a prime luxury advertising destination.

Although this is not the first engagement of replica Rolex in online promoting campaign, this is the most potentially widespread campaign on YouTube up to now, which will attract the attention of many consumer and Rolex competitors.

Last but not least, the participation of Rolex advertising in online society may be a signs for other high-end watch brands that they may need to reconsider their stance of marketing placements. For those traditional timepiece companies, the placement of advertisement is even more important than the content of advertising itself. In this case, the change of Rolex can be counted as a bold move. At the same time, in my opinion, this change will lead Rolex to be off to a great success, according to the purchasing habit of customers in contemporary society. This debatable concept has kept luxury ads in mostly the same type of "sanitary" and often low circulation publications. Furthermore, Rolex claims that if releasing online video on YouTube can be counted as the first step, then in second, replica watches would reduce the control of the advertising content. In this sense, the modern and innovative choice may be more effective, though it seems take more risks than the traditional safe one.

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