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1. Everyday wear and maintenance for steel/metal bracelet

In order to avoid ash, daily cleaning for watches is necessary. For example, it's recommended to remove watches during prolonged exercise. It will prevent contact with sweat and dust. If there are dirty marks on bracelet, make sure the watch is resistant to water under good circumstances and then do simple brushing with a toothbrush.

It is generally less likely to produce such a situation for metal watch bracelet from trusty dealer. In everyday wear, pay most attention to not let your watch by external impact or bump.

Everyday wear steel bracelet sweat stains is actually mixed with the sweat sticking on the replica watch, it can be cleaned .

First, make sure keep away from corrosive liquids; and second, if it is found the bracelet section, clasp the link and function abnormalities, in order to prevent damage to the strap off or lost, and you need to go to a service center for inspection and repair as soon as possible.

2. Everyday wear and maintenance for leather strap

Leather strap worn during contact with the sweat or other liquids prone to such as "color", "sour", "bad" and so on. You'd better keep the strap dry and clean, try your best to prevent contact with liquids in everyday wear. If the strap is exposed to liquid, such as raining, at first you need to clean it with a dry towel, then dry in warm air. Also make sure the drying temperature is not too high.

The life of replica watches leather strap is related to the life habits and local climate conditions. If you wear watch with a good habit, and do regular care, generally one to two years to replace a strap. If the environment is wet , the life of leather strap will be discounted accordingly .

3. Everyday wear and maintenance for rubber strap

Rubber strap has its unique advantages, such as waterproof, suitable for wearing in summer or high humidity environments. It is worth noting: the aging of the rubber strap is not so good, so just do timely replacement.

In general, I hope you can get to understand the different materials, different structural characteristics strap, science wear, and take good care of your watch. Go to the professional watch service centre for inspection when errors appear.

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